Tourism Concern is a UK registered charity (1064020),  with its details recorded on the Charity Commission’s website. We are also a Company Limited by Guarantee (3260052) and a membership based organisation governed by our Memorandum and Articles of Association. Members play a vital role in shaping our campaigns, suggesting new areas of work and providing feedback on the industry. Our current aim is to develop a strong global membership network of ethical travellers.

Annual Reports

These reports record our personnel, activities, publications and finances over recent years

An extensive paper based collection recording Tourism Concern’s actions and achievements since its formal founding in 1989 is stored in Warwick University’s Modern Records Centre (which specialises in archive collections of  pressure groups). Tourism Concern’s first newsletters, issues of its long running magazine In Focus, press cuttings, annual reports and publications are there, along with papers and documents relating to how and why Tourism Concern was founded.

The archive contents have been catalogued online by the MRC, . Personal visitors can access the original papers and publications free of charge.

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