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Abode Tours is a small private organisation that offers homestays in remote but exotic locations in Sri Lanka, where fringe communities untouched by modernisation still reign. This epitomises our core value of community based low impact tourism which are regarded by modern discerning travellers offering: ‘Real, authentic, living experiences.’ It’s not a commercial package but an arrangement which nature protects and one which advocates sustainability and authenticity.

Abode Tours operates in two diverse locations: the island of Mannar in the north east and in the Knuckles Mountains in the central region. These are two diverse and relatively untouched locations with different ethnic groups, mirroring the many layers of Sri Lanka. You will be living with local families and explore their natural environment from the remote misty mountains of the Knuckles to the wild desolate beaches that go well beyond pedestrian tourist trails. Staying in these places is about experiencing a very different lived reality.

Blending in with the natural environment and local opportunities will add a welcome element of ‘unpredictability’ to your stay and our guests love it!

Abode Tours is also happy to welcome and engage its guests to take part in community based programs, and even offer free stays to families who are interested in contributing their skills, and learning more about Sri Lanka.

The stakeholders of Abode Tours are the communities or hosts whose homes you will stay in. We operate in two diverse locations Mannar in the north and in the Knuckles Mountains in the central region where different ethnicities live. By integrating east and west, offering original home stays we bring local life and nature closer to the hearts of our guests. The simplicity of lifestyles, living in basic conditions in harmony with nature and the local environment, eating and enjoying local company, the neighbourhood and food means we maintain zero disruption to the lives of local people – and you have a once in a lifetime experience.

In return clients enjoy honest warmth and hospitality without pressure. With the support of our sister charity the Abode Trust, we continue our social obligations to these communities year round so life goes on unchallenged by the external forces of the economy.

Abode Tours is a small entity, but has a strong and respected presence in the both the north and central regions built up after many years of working together with local people. Through our individualised tours, we have managed to uplift socio-economic conditions of many people in the areas. Whilst we do not take large groups, the small-scale tourism we have introduced has indirectly eased the burden for many.  For example; we have provided secure housing for elderly grand-parents in the Knuckles Mountain’s Abode valley, after they were affected by wild elephant attacks – we also subsidised their living expenses so their adult children do not carry the burden of looking after them.

Furthermore our network has enabled many to find jobs and excel in their fields by directing them to sources of support that are available.

Abode Tours in the Knuckles Mountains and Abode Hibernation in northern region have been formed without intrusive foreign involvement. Therefore visitors experience real authentic lifestyles and the local people happily show guests their long standing sustainable and eco-friendly modes of living. By blending with this environment we endorse the local lifestyles, where natural living is simply the way it is.

In saying this, we support the conservation of natural areas, habitats and wildlife. Along with minimising pollution (to air, water and land) usually caused by the generation of waste from mainstream tourism activities, we are proud to say we make little adverse impact.



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