Hana maui botanical gardens: B&B & Vacation Rentals


Located in Hawaii, we have a large over 10 acre more natural gardens for a walking tour. We have two rentals studios for overnight stays. The owner is involved in conservation locally and statewide – offering a botanical garden tour. The majority of the gardens is organic and is open to the public for a small fee ($3 per person). My garden tour charge has remained that same price since I opened the gardens in 1987.

We are located in Hawaii on Maui Island. Hana is a very small village about a 2 hr. drive from the Kahului, Maui Airport. People come because of the awesome curvy mountain highway to get here and it has the location of the lower part of the Haleakala National Park. Hana remains very Hawaiian because of it’s distance from the tourist side of Maui. There is a large commercial hotel but many local Bed and Breakfast stays. I have a large 10 acre botanical gardens with two reasonably priced studios for over night stays. Something new is lots of local food trucks. Hana Bay Park is quite safe for swimming but no life guards on duty.

The owner is a chairperson for Hana Soil and Water Conservation District and sits on the board of Tri Isle Economic Opportunity. 

The owner highly recommends our local visitor activities and cafes and shops to the people who visit my vacation rentals and my gardens. Local workers are also given priority. 

Most of our gardens are left in a natural state with additional plantings of flowers and fruit trees and mowing of open areas. Poison is used on only two very detrimental weeds: the African Tulip trees and Califorian cane grass. Otherwise we mow and weedeat for walking areas. 



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