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3 Sisters Adventure Trekking is one of the few women-owned trekking companies in Nepal. 3 Sisters Adventure trekking founded a sister nonprofit organization, Empowering Women of Nepal – ( EWN ) to train women trekking guides.

EWN has trained nearly 1000 disadvantaged rural women to become trekking guides and assistants. It is the only trekking company in Nepal that provides a platform for rural, disadvantaged women who have few opportunities to develop their knowledge, learn and use their skills to earn an income to support themselves and their families, to travel to new places outside their isolated villages, to meet and communicate with other Nepalese women and share their stories, and interact with foreigners from all over the world. The three sisters have truly been role models for Nepalese women; true to their mantra they are “changing the world, one woman at a time”.

Combining practical skill-based training programs with gainful employment opportunities, the common goal is to encourage our Nepali sisters to become self-supportive, independent, decision-making women.

Nepali society does not place much value on sport. Both private and government school are obliged to offer a sports class only once a week which is not mandatory and many schools do not even offer this. Boys dominate any sports facilities organised or otherwise, whilst the girls are very self conscious and rarely participate. In co-educational schools much emphasis and support is given to the boys to engage and improve their sports skills with little if any offered to girls.

Some of the reasons why girls are not actively playing sports are: lack of encouragement from parents and school teachers, the need to work at home, no changing rooms, traditional stigma of “girls don’t play sport” and most importantly lack of good female Nepali sports coaches and role models.


  • sponsoring the children of 3Sisters staff for schooling up to 10th grade
  • providing micro-loans of $10k to $100k (rupees) to permanent staff of 3sisters and EWN – currently used by 28 staff
  • encompassing of other needs of i.e. provided heater for staff with new baby
  • providing interest free micro-loans to village people
  • equipment donations for trekking guides i.e. shoes


  • supporting EWN childrens home
  • donations to various social causes i.e. funding for community projects and other not for profit start-ups
  • principle donor and organiser of Kaski Discrict Volleyball Match for the upcoming 3 years with plans to introduce womens group within the Kaski organisation

EWN provides trekking guide training for young women. After training practice their skills in the field as an apprenticeship program through the trekking company. They start work assistants to be eventually guides. The women who dared to challenge to change their lives are learning and making money, they are confident and happy.

3 Sisters & EWN expanding trainings into rock climbing and Mountaineering. In 2011, four girls went for expedition to summit Annapurna IV (7525 M) following several mountaineering trainings in Nepal and abroad coordinated by EWN. They became first Nepali women in the history to summit Annapurna.

The GOAL programme is an outreach programme in local government schools for under-privileged children. The programme is designed to empower and educate young girls on pressing issues that affect their lives, for example, leadership, discrimination, violence against women, sexual health, trafficking and other pertinent social topics.

Despite a lack of a developed recycling and waste management system in Pokhara, we strive to maintain ethical, environmental practices and reduce our carbon footprint through the following practices:


  • use of recycled paper in office and guesthouse
  • doubles sided printing of all documents
  • reusing scrap paper
  • encouraging tourists to use iodine for water purification, minimizes use of plastic bottles, as well as installation of water filter in guesthouse
  • donations of dust bins to the community through organisation Clean Green Pokhara

Carbon Emissions

  • Solar Power implemented in the 3Sisters office and guesthouse
  • carpooling for multiple tourists groups who are trekking in the same day, also for airport pickups where possible
  • use of low-watt CFL bulbs in guesthouse
  • no air-conditioning is used within the office or guesthouse
  • guesthouse does washing of linens only on a needs basis rather than daily



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