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3 Rivers Eco Lodge is a small, award winning eco lodge in a lush rainforest valley, surrounded by rivers and jungle, in natural and unspoiled eastern Dominica, offering a range of Eco-friendly ACCOMMODATIONS : charming, self-contained cottage & apartment, Bamboo Tree Houses, (nestled 15 feet off the ground in the trees, deep in the heart of the rainforest) community Homestays (live & eat with a family in our local community), dormitory & camping facilities, and on site restaurant bar & games room (serving delicious local cuisine).

We also offer an extensive range of community, nature, adventure ACTIVITIES for all, including hikes to some amazing waterfalls, lakes and hot Springs; Bathing in hot and natural sulphur baths, or participating in genuine village life activities, getting a taste of true life on the nature Island of Dominica, and putting cash directly into the pockets of its people… Or just relax and enjoy our Three Rivers and natural river pools

3 Rivers is surrounded rivers and jungle, close to the World Heritage Site. A fundamental aim is to live in harmony with & have minimal harmful impact on those surroundings. We recognize our important role in protecting & enhancing the environment. We minimize our waste & our consumption of resources, using 100% renewable electricity, monitoring all systems.

We compost kitchen & garden waste, avoid packaged goods, shop locally, recycle & use biodegradable products. Importantly we involve the local community; employees are all local; trained in sustainable living, showcase environmentally sound practices, host free school visits and giving guided eco tours and workshops, explaining renewable energy, organics, and the sustainable lifestyle. We are involved in many community projects, we encourage guests to donate items to our local causes, offer family homestays & village activities. We comply fully with, and go beyond, all environmental laws,& review our policy and practices regularly.

We are wiling to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members, along with additional exclusive benefits to Tourism Concern members. For reservations of 4 days or more, a free guided hiking tour to a few local waterfalls.

  • We are involved with the ‘Computer Mission Dominica’ – 100’s of computers donated to schools and workshops on maintenance held at each school.
  • We are involved with the Local Pre school Scholarship fund.
  • The local school has a library for the village, using books supplied initially from our guests.
  • We sponsored the village cricket team.
  • We host environmentally educational school visits for free to all schools in Dominica.
  • We donated some art equipment to the school in order to run our banner art competition.

  • We ensure that wll workers from surrounding villages are trained in sustainability.
  • We bought a washing machine for a lady in the village who now has her own laundry business.  As well as doing the laundry for us and our guests, she is also able to provide a service for the villagers.
  • We sponsored one of the village bands, and showcase them, and others local bands here, at 3 Rivers.
  • We work with the local village to offer community activities & community homestays; host gets income.
  • Staff from 3 Rivers installed all the electricity and donated the parts.

Cleaning products are biodegradable. Use no chemicals anywhere. Our electricity is ALL wind and solar. We pump our water silently using a solar powered pump. Separate all garbage and compost everything, helping our gardens flourish, having originally reclaimed spoiled land. We recycle as much as possible, & run eco education workshops on renewable energy, organic farming, and general eco living. We offer free eco educational tours of the lodge for all schools in Dominica.

We have an educational book on all our eco systems to increase their visitor awareness. Grey water passes through grease traps, which are changed daily to help our compost system and protect our waste water leachfield soakaways. Monitor our water, electricity, gas, solid waste and paper consumption, & aim to continuously reduce usage to protect the environment. Use modern composting toilets for camping & in tree houses, which are built with renewable materials. 



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