2018 Women’s Expeditions organised by The Responsible Safari Company


The Responsible Safari Company is a Social Enterprise Tour Operator based in Blantyre, Malawi specialising in Sustainable, Educational, Philanthropic & Experiential Group Travel to the country. Operating since 2008, RSC provides specialised planning and logistical support for School Expeditions, University Field Trips, Charity & Adventure Challenges, Donor and CSR Groups as well as Independent Travellers. 

In the last few years, they moved further away from offering ‘Responsible Safaris’ and more into Educational travel, with their direction now very much centred around ‘connecting people with the world as Global Citizens’. Their new UK Platform, Orbis meaning the world, globe, sphere. It relates to the work they are trying to achieve with connecting each of their clients with the world as Global Citizens. They feel it gives a strong statement of intent to do something positive for the world and to be part of a movement which in its own small way is involved in changing and improving the world through education.

“We feel very strongly that we want the company to be part of a positive change in the world, working in the right direction towards sustainable living. We want to develop an entity that has a positive impact, providing a portal for people to learn and understand the world outside their own environment and to help make them become more forward thinking and outward individuals. We feel that there is nothing more important than respecting our planet and importantly to pass this knowledge and passion onto our children and grandchildren for future generations.”

Next year, The Responsible Safari Company is ten years old. Therefore, they want to invite you to head behind the scenes of Safari Africa and join them to discover why they believe women are the key to sustainable development in this fragile destination. It will be tailored to your personal interests and aims to link you with inspirational Malawian women, challenge you both physically and mentally and give you an opportunity to spend time with an international group of women all passionate about sustainable development and women’s empowerment.

 2018 Women’s Expeditions as Kate explains

The hustle and bustle of Malawi hits you as soon as you leave the airport. Just wind down the windows, let the dust and heat pour in and breathe, listen, watch, wait…

Your journey will start before you leave and continue well after you have landed. You will begin by meeting a group of ladies that you will have been corresponding with prior to arriving in Africa. Matched to your interests this cross-cultural entrepreneurs forum will be a fantastic starting point for your week in Malawi and may even lead to future business links and markets. After the forum you will head out of town and into Malawi’s tea growing region arriving at a fair trade estate in time for a sundowner, the rolling tea fields providing an incredible backdrop to watch the setting African sun and mull over your day.

An early start and time to take on the challenge of Mount Mulanje. Climb over 1,000m (5-7hrs) through beautiful woodland winding your way up to your mountain hut. Arrive in time for an afternoon swim in the natural pools and cook dinner around the fire with your guide and porters- the peace and quiet of the mountain and basic living is amazing restoration to your aching muscles. Rise early and take an easy hike across the plateau, descend to meet your driver and transfer to Liwonde National Park for 24 hrs on safari. Arrive in time for an afternoon siesta round the pool before heading out on a night game drive, a chance to see some of the park’s nocturnal wildlife! After a night under canvas you will rise early to the sounds of the bush and take a river boat safari- watch large herds of elephant coming to the banks of The Shire River to drink- or try and snap a malachite kingfisher diving for its lunch (one of my favourite birds!)

And to the shores of Lake Malawi and two days spent working with a local youth group who are mentoring secondary school students. Work with the girls at the village school, learn about the challenges of completing your education in Malawi, chat about career possibilities, inspire…and be inspired. Resilience, adaptability, determination are all key skills that I have learnt are paramount to reaching university or a career as a women in Malawi. Many of the girls at the school will be sponsored students, coming from vulnerable families and often the first female to be literate in their community. The options post school are very limited and culturally it is a lot more challenging to find a career and not be reliant on your family/husband. The aim of these days is to work on building relationships with the girls, chatting about experiences, working very closely with the community youth group and probably ending each day with a village netball match- the girls are amazing- be warned!

Your goodbyes done it is time to head to Mumbo Island on Lake Malawi. A small motor boat will take you to this eco-island where it will be time to kick off your sandals, don your bikini, grab a good book and relax. The crystal clear water is ideal for snorkelling (and scuba diving) and the island has a number of short walking routes to stunning look out points, offering the ideal sundowner spot. Or my favourite activity… take a kayak and meander in and out of the island’s bays before stopping with a cool gin and tonic as the sun dips down into Lake Malawi…

In my opening paragraph, I asked you to just wait. Do you get it now? If you think you might then please email me as I want you to join me in Malawi for our 9 Day 2018 Expedition. Hope to hear from you soon! 


The original article was published on http://www.orbis-expeditions.com/blog/2018-womens-expeditions-malawi 


For more information: 

Orbis Expeditions:  www.orbis-expeditions.com

The Responsible Safari Company:  http://www.responsiblesafaricompany.com/

Email Kate: kate@orbis-expeditions.com

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