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Working with children to uncover sex tourism networks 1 Verified

13:58 Mar 06, 2012

Kovalam Beach, a few miles south of Trivandrum (South Kerala) has been a popular tourism destination since the 1960s. Frequent reports of sex tourism...

Kovalam, Kerala

The fight against child sex tourism in Mahabalipuram 3 Verified

13:25 Mar 06, 2012

Mahapalipuram (also known as Mammalapuram) is an international tourist destination aprox. 30 km south of Chennai. The site is famous for its Cholan granite...

Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu

Fighting for the right to worship 0 Verified

13:30 Mar 05, 2012

In Arthungal, 30 km north of Alappuzha in Kerala, South India, the Kerala Independent Fishermen's Federation has been one of the most active local groups...

Arthunkal, Kerala

Alleppey family gives up home: resort wins 0 Verified

23:12 Feb 15, 2012

A family decides to fight a neighboring resort for the right to fish, live and remain in their property. A poignant story of courage and tenacity. Muhamma...

Mohamma, Kerala

Artificial reef built off Kovalam a failure 1 Verified

15:33 Jan 21, 2012

Tsunami Rehabilitation Funds were used to build an artificial reef off the coast of Kovalam designed to attract surfers to the area. Unfortunately this...

Kovalam beach

Thoothukudi: human rights abuse in the name of ecotourism 2 Verified

22:52 Jan 10, 2012

An example of how locals are asked to make enormous sacrifices in the name of nature conservation, while tourists enjoy sacred and fragile locations....

Thoothukudi, Tamil Nadu

Success in Kovalam Kanyakumari: community finds a way to prevent land speculation and price hike 1 Verified

22:23 Jan 10, 2012

A small village in South Tamil Nadu faced aggressive land grabs. The villagers found a way to preserve their land, but at a cost. “Fun Begins Where Land...

kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu

Alleppey: shell collectors' eviction pointless 0 Verified

13:16 Jan 10, 2012

Shell collectors near Alleppey are still waiting to reap benefits promised by a tourism developer to whom they sold their land. Shell collectors from...

Alleppey, Kerala

The right to sell fruits in Kovalam 2 Verified

13:01 Jan 10, 2012

Many websites and tourism guidebooks describe the “fruit ladies” who work on Kovalam Beach as a nuisance or a threat to holiday makers. And for many who...

Kovalam, Kerala

Water shortages and pollution: a life-threatening problem in Alleppey 0 Verified

13:55 Jan 09, 2012

Field visits and research have brought so many reports of water inequity that this map could not contain them all. Please take a look at the videos, images...

Alleppey, Kerala

Bekal: 50,000 jobs promised, 500 created 0 Verified

12:39 Jan 03, 2012

A very old trick in tourism: promising a huge positive impact for the local community, and simply not following through. More issues related to the Bekal...

Bekal, Kerala

MGM resort - trading precious water against low-paid jobs 1 Verified

13:51 Dec 26, 2011

A perfect example of how resorts co-opt precious resources like water of land, offering only low-paid jobs to a few people in return. MGM is an amusement...

Muttukadu, Tamil Nadu

Special Tourism Zone in Manapet bound to limit locals access to basic resources 0 Verified

13:06 Dec 26, 2011

Manapet is a small village located around 15 kms from Puducherry. In 2008, the Puducherry government approved the establishment of a "Special Tourism...

Manapet, Tamil Nadu

Kadalur Mega Tourism - a local community learns to fight for its rights 0 Verified

13:43 Dec 23, 2011

A community in North Tamil Nadu is learning how to fight the development of a major tourism resort in their area - which might well significantly limit...

kadalur tamil nadu

Hotel Taj in Kovalam (TN) privatizing beach in the name of CSR 0 Verified

13:03 Dec 23, 2011

When resorts donate money or resources to the local community, it is not always philantropic. Often, it hides other motives. Kovalam (Cove long, in Tamil...

kovalam tamil nadu

Displacement of 19 families in Bekal 2 Verified

23:43 Dec 19, 2011

A search on Google will present Bekal as India’s first well planned tourist destination – a model of well integrated tourism. However, today the northern...

Bekal, Kerala

Puddu Mermelli Kuppam community pushed from costal land 0 Verified

12:41 Sep 26, 2011

Are beaches for fishermen or for tourists? Yet another report of a fishing community being relocated away from the beach, losing access to its only livelihood....

Puddu Mermelli Kuppam

Displacement of Karikattu Kuppam Fishing Community after Tsunami 1 Verified

17:24 Sep 12, 2011

One more example of fisher folks relocated to make room for tourism. Karikattukuppam is a fishing hamlet of about 1000 inhabitants forming part of the...

Karikattu Kuppam Fishing Community

Locals chased away by police as land is bought for tourism 1 Verified

17:17 Sep 12, 2011

Does tourism development justify diverting public funds and using police actions against local people? It looks like it does in Kanyakumari. Chothavilai...

Chothavilai village, Tamil Nadu

Houseboat Menace in the Kerala Backwaters 0 Verified

17:08 Sep 12, 2011

An overview of all the issues faced in Alleppey. And that's a checkmark in 5 out of the 8 categories on this map! One of the major attractions to Kerala...


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