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For media enquiries, please contact Rachel Noble on +44 (0)207 666 3095 or at mark.watson@tourismconcern.org.uk

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For our latest press releases, please visit our News page.

Tourism Concern in the news...

Here is a selection of articles featuring Tourism Concern. Our work appears in national and international publications regularely. If you need access to additional archive materials, please contact Mark Watson

TravelMole: “All-inclusives continue to remain all-exclusive says Tourism Concern”(14/07/2011)

The Independent: “Kate Simon – It’s time to make a splash about the abuse of water”(05/02/2011)

Tourism Watch: “Call for a Human Rights Approach in Tourism”(03/2011)

TravelMole: “Sri Lanka told to stop tourism land grabs”(26/07/2011) 

The Guardian:  “Guardian exhibition shows how Tsunami victims are facing a new threat” (24/02/2010)

The Independent: “You can take a lot of small steps in 21 years”(15/11/2010)  

The Independent: Tricia Barnett: We must consider the people who live where we like to holiday (21/04/2009)

The Guardian / Observer: Travel firms sell holidays to blacklisted Burmese resorts (15/02/2009) New Statesman: Democracy for Maldives (30/10/2008)

The Sunday Times: Tsunami funds spent on a surf reef for tourists (12/10/2008)

Wanderlust: How green is your tour company? (01/10/2008)

Conde Naste Traveller: Sweet Charity Can Be Anything But (25/09/08)

CNN: Taking the ethical high road (12/09/08)

The Telegraph: Developers 'privatising' the Kerala coast (19/07/2008)

The Guardian: Are you being green washed? (06/07/2008)

Wall Street Journal: Voluntourism 2.0' : Organizers of do-gooder vacations adjust the service-sightseeing mix (28/06/2008)

The Independent: Sri Lanka: a little island with big ambitions (27/04/2008)

New Internationalist:What is ethical travel? (03/2008)

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