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End Water Injustice in Goa petition and postcards dispatched

Posted: Dec 14, 2012


Thank you to everyone who signed our Goa petition or sent in a campaign postcard demanding an end to water injustice in Goa caused by poorly planned and regulated tourism.

Anabel da Gama of our local partner, Eco Footprints, said: “The support we have received from the international community is commendable. This solidarity intensifies our local campaign to pressure the State Government to open their doors for a multi-stakeholder dialogue to end water injustice in the coastal areas. We hope that the Government recognises and acknowledges the fact that even tourists feel strongly about protecting the rights of the local communities and hence, should adopt policies that strive to promote just tourism practices.”

The postcards are now with Eco Footprints who will be hand delivering them to Goa’s tourism minister in the coming weeks. We have also submitted the online petition, which includes the postcard signatories, to Goa state government authorities.

Disappointingly, the Goa state government is yet to respond to the campaign or recommendations contained in our research report, Reclaiming Water Rights, and our WET campaign report. This is despite the on-going efforts of Eco Footprints to engage them locally, as well as several communications from Tourism Concern.

However, the strong response to the postcards and petition will help send a clear signal to the Goan government that tourists in the UK and beyond don’t want their holidays to come at the cost of the water rights of local communities.

Eco Footprints will sustain the pressure on the ground over the coming months, while working to support coastal communities in advocating for their water rights. Meanwhile Tourism Concern will continue to provide international leverage and support from the UK.

Watch Goa water injustice on TV news

The issues highlighted in our water report were recently showcased by news channel, Russia Today. Watch the film on our You Tube channel here

Look out for further updates in the coming months.

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