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World Water Day success!

Posted: Mar 24, 2011

Thanks to all who took part in the World Walks for Water event to mark this year’s World Water Day on 22nd March.

Tourism Concern joined forces with End Water Poverty and thousands around the world to demand water and sanitation for all, including for poor communities living in tourism destinations. Many such communities are having to compete with powerful tourism industry interests for access to freshwater, an increasingly scarce resource.

“It was fantastic that Tourism Concern supporters got involved in this initiative to demand water rights for all in tourism. This helped to draw vital attention to the impacts of this thirsty industry on local peoples’ water rights”, says Rachel Noble, campaigns manager for Tourism Concern.

The End Water Poverty coalition, of which Tourism Concern is a member, far exceeded its goal of 150,000 walkers – at least 365,000 people in 71 countries took part in this global call for water and sanitation.

Putting tourism on the agenda

As part of World Water Day, Tourism Concern also contributed to a joint NGO briefing to parliamentarians on the impacts of climate change on water scarcity and development. This will help raise vital awareness amongst decision-makers on this increasingly critical issue, helping to build vital support for measures to ensure water and sanitation are for all.

It’s not too late to take part! The online Walk for Water is still live. See below for how to add your virtual walker and demand ‘water rights for all, not only tourists!’

More about our Water Equity in Tourism campaign

Take part in the virtual Walk For Water

Choose an avatar and a message for your MP. You can personalise your message to reflect tourism concerns: we recommend "Water for all, not only for tourists!"

See you on the trails!


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