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Birthday wishes from around the world...

Posted: Nov 30, 2010

Happy 21st, Tourism Concern!

Birthday wishes from some of our friends and supporters:

"Happy anniversary, Tourism Concern. Human rights abuses are often the last thing on people's minds when they take a holiday, but as more of us are jetting off to remote long-haul destinations, your campaigning has become even more important in the 21st century. Keep up the good work."

Jenny Kleeman, journalist, writer, documentary-maker (Unreported World)


"On behalf of the Ecumenical Coalition On Tourism (ECOT), I congratulate Tourism Concern on its 21st anniversary. Since TC was established, both have enjoyed a productive relationship. TC was on the ball from day One – thanks to the committed presence of Tricia and all her supporters."

Caesar D’Mello, ECOT


“In its 21st Anniversary, we would like to commend Tourism Concern for showing to the world that more fairly traded tourism is the only way this industry can contribute to environmental conservation and community development. We salute their achievements and the positive impacts their devoted staff has had in the lives of countless communities and workers world wide. Their perseverance and commitment to sustainable tourism has had an important catalyst effect beyond frontiers. Tourism Concern has become an inspiration for all of us committed to sustainable tourism development. Happy Anniversary!”

Ronald Sanabria, Sustainable Tourism Vice-president, Rainforest Alliance.


 "Happy 21st to Tourism Concern! Thanks for all of your help with getting the word out to the world about megadevelopment tourism that is and has wreaked havoc on the mangrove and wetland habitats of The Bahamas."



"Congratulations on your wonderful work. Keep on challenging us to think about the lives we brush up against as we take our holidays. Human rights are about respect for the humanity of others. That stays true even on our days of rest."

Baroness Helena Kennedy, human rights barrister, and member of the House of Lords.


KENYA TOURISM CONCERN was launched in 1995 through the help and guidance of Tourism Concern UK. Tourism Concern UK did not only motivate us but has since been our role model in our activities in fighting for fair trade and responsible tourism as well as in promoting the environment in Kenya so as to sustain the industry for the benefits of our exploited indigenous people, and for the future generations. We are what we are because of Tourism Concern UK, and are very greateful indeed to have been associated with them.

Sam Munyi, Kenya Tourism Concern

"Congratulations on 21 years of holding the tourism industry to account for its impacts on local communities and destinations! Long may you continue to tell uncomfortable truths."

Justin Frances, Responsible Travel.com

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