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Working with the travel industry

Tourism concern works with tour operators, travel agents and volunteering organisations that are committed to fairly traded and ethical tourism. We have developed guidelines and principles for the industry, explain what fair trade tourism is all about, and offer practical advice on how to make your business more ethical

The business case

The business case for ethical tourism

Taking the fairtrade and human rights approach to tourism actually makes economic sense as well as making sure tourism activities do not have adverse impacts on local people.

Find out how it makes business sense to take the human rights approach

Are you an ethical tour operator?

Become an ethical tour operator

Our Ethical Tour Operators Group (ETOG) is formed by a group of small to medium size tour operators and travel agents that strive to improve their Ethical and Responsible Tourism practices.

Become an ethical tour operator - Join ETOG today

Gap year students

Ethical volunteering standards

Volunteer organisations need to demonstrate that they have attained a recognised level of responsibility in the way they recruit volunteers, find placements and manage the volunteering process.

Read more about our Gap Year and International Volunteering Standard (GIVS)

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Understand the issues

Explore how tourism can have a negative impact on holiday destinations with our in-depth guide to the issues.

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