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On offer is an organic teaching farm in the Pietralunga Forest, Upper Umbria: a magic land, with water and trees, colours and silence. Guests stay in one of three unique houses; the San Salvatore Benedectine monastery, the Balucca typical umbrian farmhouse and the Old Barn, with traditional red bricks. The farm restaurant serves organic locally produced seasonal dishes. Guests can also take guided Nature walks along the farm paths.

We lead this farm since 1990; we have introduced organic farming methods, wood management based on natural forestry and ecotourism. The presence of the Wizard’s Garden, an open-air ecology lab has transformed it into an educational farm. We are still involved with local projects for the environmental protection of the Carpina Valley and we organize guided nature walks in the Pietralunga Forest.

We are family friendly and organize activities for children and set for adults short cooking courses on “traditional hand-made pasta”; in our farm we produce green ENERGY with 2 solar PV systems grid connected and we adopt energy saving measures such as using high efficiency rating ridges and freezers, long-life/low-energy bulbs. And, most importantly of all, in our restaurant we prepare delicious food (100% organic, certified by BIO HOTELS group) using local recipes.

The San Salvatore Benedectine monastery is located in panoramic position, 650 m over the sea level, facing the Carpina valley. Completely restored in 1990, with its original structure on 3 levels, made of stone, wood and terracotta, it is nowadays a typical , La Cerqua, with cosy and tiny rooms and charming saloons: the dining room, the reading room, the organic cafe with veranda on the garden.

More rooms are in the Old Barn and in the Balucca farmhouse. Here the daily rhythm of life matches with Nature cycles; you can relax by the sunny acorn-shaped pool, or in the shady arcery camp site, in the middle of an oak wood; you can explore the , to discover through very beautiful posters all the wood secrets; or you can walk along the Pietralunga Forest signed paths (by yourself or guided by Gino, on foot, or by Fabio, on horseback). And in the fresh evenings you can learn by Silvana the Umbrian cuisine secrets, tasting together with the other guests the organic dishes just prepared.

The Pietralunga Forest, Upper Umbria, is a magic land, with water and trees, an endless sequence of hills splitting in winding valleys, covered by dark oak-woods, and with two little jewels: the medieval villages of Pietralunga (only 3 km from La Cerqua) and Montone (15 km). There are various other spots to visit, such as:

  • Gubbio (20 km), a very old town founded by the ancient Umbrians and later on conquered by the Romans;
  • Perugia (50 km), a marvelous Etruscan town, plenty of monuments and shops;
  • Assisi (60 km), the Francesco’s motherland;
  • Urbino (60 km) the oldest Italian University. T
  • The Adriatic Sea (80 km), with its famous velvet beaches.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members

We work in partnership with the local community (we were born here!) by supporting the following:

  • setting up a cooperative (CARDEA) for environmental education activities, to educate the community about the need for conservation and the benefits of preserving the local habitat;
  • transforming our farm into a teaching farm.
  • setting up a group (the Carpina Valley Association) for responsible tourism in the Upper Tiber Valley territory (encouraging guests to visit local communities and get involved; we printed the Carpina Valley Card, a passpartout to locally owned restaurants, organic local food and handmade crafts shops);
  • campaigning for the Authentic Village of Pietralunga and for the Undiscovered Carpina Valley togheter with associations and the Town Council.
  • we used traditional building methods with locally available materials and local craftsmen/builders; we grow our own organic fruit and veg (and animals): the food we don’t produce we buy organic, as well, locally and seasonally available.

We organize tours with our guests to visit all the local producers (food and craft); in summer we organize moonlight guided walks under the banner of Nature and good food, weaving among woods and fields, nibbling at local farmhouses and inns. 

In 1998 we created the Wizard’s Garden, an open-air ecology lab within the farm, where our guests can get information about local wildlife focusing on each specific local habitat. Since 2006 we co-operate with the local Natural History Museum in Candeleto Oasis, projecting their ecological path and organizing guided visits and eco-culture events.

In 2007 we released the Carpina Valley Nature Guidebook “Il Giardino del Mago”, an illustrated handbook for leaf peeping in Pietralunga Forest, printed on Greenpeace recycled paper (and since now we are running a blog about the Pietralunga Forest wildlife); once a week, we organize guided nature walks.

On our farm we produce green energy with 2 solar PV systems grid connected (a 20 KW solar array in a hidden farm corner + a 10 KW PV system on the barn roof ) and we adopt energy saving measures such as using high efficiency rating ridges and freezers, long-life, low-energy bulbs. 



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